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Guitarist, singer and songwriter, Alberto Fabbris began his musical journey in 1990 through the study of classical guitar. With the transition to the electric guitar, 3 years later, the first experiences in various cover bands of Lake Maggiore begin, including Raving Mad (1995-2010), FLC (2005-2008) and MezzaKiara (2007-2010).

In 2007 he made his debut as a singer, as well as a guitarist, with the band of all time, the Raving Mad in a trio version, offering live a rock repertoire of the 60s - 70s.

The countless live performances of the first decade of the 2000s provide the basis and the stimulus to be able to face a new stage of the path, consisting of the writing and performance of original pieces. This important opportunity is offered by the formation of a new group, the Bonies and Hot Sausages. Songs with multiple influences but with a clear rock stamp allow him to experiment and test himself with unreleased songs in a live context. To the assets of the band the recording of the EP "The Ancient Jar", made live in 2014.

Parallel to the “electric” projects, around 2010, a gradual approach to acoustic music takes place through the study of fingerpicking guitar and banjo. The acoustic guitar, in particular, becomes the ideal instrument for writing and companion of thousands of business trips around the world.

In 2015 he founded, together with his brother Daniele (percussion and guitar), the Los Fab Bros group which offers a repertoire in country and bluegrass style. Gabriele Cerutti joins the band in 2019 to complete the folk trio with double bass and mandolin.

In 2020, coinciding with the first lockdown, he begins the recording and production of the first solo album at his home studio. 

In May 2023 the first single "Desert Town" was released and in July the single "Ancient Jar".

On September 25, 2023, the album "the New Journey" was released under the Delta Records label.

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